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A Bit About Me

Rapper, Songwriter & Actor (1985-) G. Champion is a rapper & songwriter who has been gaining a lot of success in recent years. His music is diverse & relatable. His music is inspired by Kanye West, Tupac, Andre 3000, Nas & Eminem. Garry Charles Johnson was born on March 2, 1985 in Longview, Tx. His mother had him at the age of 15. He found an outlet writing poems in school. He then wrote his first song at 13. At 18, one of his songs was aired on a popular local radio. Champ graduated high school in 2003. He attended Kilgore College for two years but he was hanging with the wrong crowd and was getting into trouble. He moved to Arlington, Tx with his dad & start pursuing more into music. At age 21, he completed his first album with a group called "AC". Their 1st album was called 2/3rd’s. 2009, his son was born. 2010, Champ & his rapper, producer & friend Michael Heathen, gained their LLC of GLOAT Entertainment …Only the Song’s Survive label. In the summer of 2010, Champ went to jail on an aggravated assault charge. Later that same year GLOAT released their digital album the Alliance. 2012, he dropped his 1st mixtape, “New Hope Volume:1.” In 2015 Champ joined a band with Heathen & a folk-rock band called “The Boxer Brain.” Also dropping his 2nd mixtape called “New Hope Volume: 2.” 2016, Japanese Denim released by G. Champion, his biggest single to date, accompanied with a music video. 2017 was Champ's biggest year, he performed with over 13 national touring headliners.

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